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When I started out on the internet as a poor student looking for ways earn some extra money online I was shocked to discover the thousands of “work at home” offers claiming I could make thousands sitting at home in my pajamas. 


It sounded too good to be true and after spending the little money I had to try these programs I soon realized it was. Yet, I was persistant to find a way to make a decent income from the internet. It seemed to me like the perfect job that I could do while being in school and still make money on the side. I joined paid survey sites, envelope stuffing, data entry and many other opportunities. 

    The more time and money I spent on these opportunities the more I began to think that the only people making money were the shady companies offering these bogus jobs. What began as an exciting idea became a disheartening realization that I was simply wasting what little money I had and countless hours on these overhyped money making schemes. I have heard the saying “hope deferred makes the heart sick” and I can tell you that it is true. So I shelved the idea and spent the next 8 years working various jobs for low wages just to get by.
    Then one day I decided to give it another shot. The difference this time is I decided only to work with the big companies with solid reputations. That’s when I got into blogging and Google’s program called Adsense would pay me just for putting their ads on my blog. Google pays every time a click is made on one of the ads on my blog to be specific. Amazon also has a similar program. So I setup 10 simple blog pages based on different topics to see which one made the most money.
    To my surprise I found that just one of these blogs was earning me more than all the other 9 combined. I was only making between $20 to $30 each day but it sparked that excitement I felt all those years ago. In my excitement I shared my meager success with my father who in turn said “Now all you have to do is scale it”. That made perfect sense to me and the answer was simple. I just had to bring more visitors to that blog that was already making money.
    So that is exactly what I did. I used classified ad sites, message boards, and even paid ads. My traffic to the blog was growing and so did the money I made from it. Within weeks I was earning over $300 USD per day. That’s right Google was paying me over $300 every day. As you can imagine I was getting alot of attention from people who learned I was doing this. So much that I even took investments from freinds and family to get more traffic to the blog. Some days I would check my Google account and see in excess of $1,000 for a single day.
    I only told a few people about my success but word spread to others, even people I didn’t know who would contact me for help to set up the same system for themselves. So after explaining the process to several people and getting asked the same questions over and over it hit me. Why don’t I just make an ebook that explains in simple steps exactly how to set up the same system I had. That day “BlogBank” was born and I spilled my guts explaining exactly how to setup this profitable system as simple as possible. So simple in fact that anyone can follow the step by step instructions even without any computer experience whatsoever.
   It took me a long time to perfect the system and test it for the best results but I was able to create a simple blueprint that anyone can follow to get results fast. If I were to setup this system for a freind using my own setup guide it would literally take me 15 minutes to create this automatic cash machine.
    Why would I offer this information to the general public?
Believe me I was hesitant about this and even had freinds and family urging me not to share this publicly. Thinking back on when I started on my journey and how discouraged I was while searching through the heap of garbage offers, I wish even one person would have shared something this powerful with me. It would have saved me years of frustration.   Another reason I don’t mind sharing my hard earned work is because of the vast size of the internet and how unlikely it is that you and I would ever be in direct competition. The way I see it I have nothing to lose, but WE have a lot to gain.

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